What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

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What To Consider When Renovating Your Home


Home renovations are hugely common all throughout the United States. In fact, this is so much the case that recent data has found that more than half of all home owners in this one country alone are currently in the process of planning some type of home renovations project. Of course, these projects will range quite considerably, from kitchen remodeling projects to luxury home remodels, but there are a number of things that every couple will need to consider as the first steps of their remodeling.

For one thing, you’ll need to decide what type of remodeling project it is that you’re interested in. Whole home remodeling projects are actually more common than you might realize, making up as much as 35% of all home remodeling projects conducted throughout the United States. There are a number of reasons why a whole home remodeling project is ideal, as anyone with home design expertise can attest to.

For instance, the average home designer will likely recommend extensive remodeling to older homes that the owner or owners are looking to sell. Older homes are not likely to sell easily without these home remodeling projects, as new homes are currently all the rage. But as the average home designer can tell you, a home remodeling project, from a new bathroom to a new kitchen, can really freshen things up and modernize them quite a bit, making it much easier for the home in question to be sold.

Whole home renovations can also be done for the ease of the home owner or home owners. This is seen in many a renovation project of homes for elderly people. After all, people want to stay in their homes for as long as it is possible, and renovating the home with the help of a home designer can make it safer for the process of aging. In fact, the data backs this up, showing that more than 10% of those who currently fall between the still young age of 35 and 44 have renovated their homes to prepare them for eventual aging.

When it comes to smaller home renovation projects, bathroom renovations are particularly common, something that can be seen in the work of many a home designer. After all, more than 30% of all home remodeling projects revolve around bathrooms (with just over 25% revolving around kitchens and a similar percentage more focused on repairs around the home with no specific room or space in mind). Bathroom remodeling projects can not only make bathrooms safer for the aging residents of the home, but can simply make the bathroom a nicer place to use in general.

This is something that can be seen particularly clearly through tub and shower renovations. After all, you want your tub and shower to be as comfortable as possible, as many people actually find a great deal of relaxation in showering and bathing alike. And many people are more than willing to spend the money to make this is a reality, as 80% of all bathroom remodeling projects involve upgrading and entirely replacing the bath tub, most commonly to a soaking tub. For many people, this is an investment that will more than pay off – almost immediately, for that matter.

And kitchen renovations are also widely popular. After all, kitchen appliances can become outdated with time, and updating them can make it far easier to use and enjoy the kitchen space in question, no matter how small or large this space might be. After all, the average home designer can tell you that utilizing a space well is everything. So too, of course, will the cabinets in a kitchen then also be hugely important. As a matter of fact, a typical home designer will tell you to set aside up to 40% of the budget for the kitchen remodeling project to be spent on the cabinets alone, let alone any other element of the kitchen and its design.

At the end of the day, there are certainly a great number of remodeling projects that you can take on when you own a home or even a condo. Deciding which one to take on can be difficult, but looking at what you really need and want out of your home can help.

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