What Causes Gutters To Leak? Prepare For The Winter Season With These Tips

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What Causes Gutters To Leak? Prepare For The Winter Season With These Tips


Rain damage

What should you do when your gutters leak? You call for a professional to keep it from happening again. Yes, do-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days and are certainly a great way to pick up a new skill on your off-time. When winter arrives, however…it’s better to be safe than sorry. The drop in temperature and increased rain mean nothing but trouble for the average homeowner, with some of the most devastating damage done straight to the gutters meant to keep your head above water. Home improvement is a constant battle, but it’s one you can win with common sense.

Leaks are a common and very underappreciated issue in American households. Why is that? It’s easy to take for granted, for starters. A dripping faucet or leaky roof is annoying, but nothing that impacts your life overtly…yet. Studies have shown a faucet leaking at just one drip per second can waste thousands of dollars on your water bill over the course of a year. Rather than waiting for a surprise bill at the worst time, instead shell out a little money for a solid repair job now. You’ll be thankful for your foresight.

What other issues can a leaky home cause? Mold problems…and lots of them. Mold is a nasty substance that is caused by a build-up of moisture and temperature in a given spot, particularly carpets and poorly maintained walls. Although mold comes in hundreds of different varieties, every single last one is actively harmful to your health. Regular exposure to mold can cause breathing problems, itchy sinuses and allergic reactions. When left unchecked ongoing mold exposure has even been linked to certain forms of cancer.

Before we look into why your gutters leak, let’s top off these bits of knowledge with other contributors to a leaky, drafty house. Broken windows are a more obvious way of letting in unwanted cold air, but cheap windows are a more insidious issue. Your windows should be properly installed and provide just as much protection from the elements as they do unwanted guests. A home can expect to save at least 10% on their monthly energy bill by switching to high-efficiency windows, if not more, alongside other cost-saving measures.

Gutters are used to reduce rain damage and redirect water away from your home. When your gutters leak they’re not doing their job and can cause more harm than good in the long run. Wind damage can impact the foundation of your gutters, causing them to bend and even break after a particularly bad day. Old gutters are especially prone to these little cracks and tears. If you have a home that’s a few decades old, or suspect your gutters aren’t what they used to be, you could benefit from a brand new installation.

Winter is rough on your home heating bills. It can also cause ice in your gutters, crack your windows and leave you scratching your head on ways to save money while still spending money. A good contractor should provide you with a solution that suits your particular problem best. The only way to find this out is to set up a consultation and have a professional eye look at your home from top-to-bottom. A repair can knock out a simple leak in your roof, but sometimes a new installation can save you major trouble on gutters that won’t stop leaking.

Whichever ends up being your route, you’ll be more than prepared for whatever winter throws your way.

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