Make Your Yard a Wonderland With the Help of Landscaping Professionals

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Make Your Yard a Wonderland With the Help of Landscaping Professionals


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When rethinking your landscape design, you want to be sure that you have a landscape design process in mind. Starting from the beginning by conferring with a landscape designer or with a landscape design firm will get you started down the right track. Without careful planning, it can be easy to get in over your head and realize midway through that your vision isn’t what you actually wanted or that you don’t necessarily have the budget for what you hoped to achieve. Landscape design services can help you plot out your landscape design process so you know exactly how to proceed and what sort of professionals you need on your team. This can be especially useful if you’re thinking of selling in the next few years and want to make your home more attractive to potential home buyers.

Why Is Landscaping So Important?
Landscaping can add to a home’s resale value by as much as 14%, which may be why almost 90% of real estate agents suggest that homeowners put some money into landscaping before listing their property. However, even if you aren’t thinking of selling, having good landscaping makes your house look well cared for and can even help you relax or enjoy your yard more.

Almost 90% of Americans who have a yard think it’s important to keep it well-maintained, which may be why over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor area are taking another look at their backyard. A Harris Poll survey for the National Association of Landscape Professionals reported that almost 70% of Americans agreed with the statement that a professional landscaping job would help them have a nicer overall yard.

So not only does does landscaping help your home’s value increase, it can also improve your overall satisfaction with your property.

What Should My Landscape Design Process Look Like?

If you don’t already have a strong vision in mind, you want to start thinking about what you want to accomplish with your landscaping. Do you want your backyard to be more functional? More aesthetically pleasing? What style do you favor? Checking out home improvement magazines, blogs, and books can all be a great way to get ideas and hone your vision.

After you’ve decided the look you’re going for, you’ll need to figure out your budget and set a limit. This is important to do before talking to designers or contractors, as they’ll want to know what they’re working with. Once you’ve chosen a professional, they’ll come scope out the site, review what work needs to be done, and you’ll all need to sign off on a final design plan.

Once the design has been finalized, the dirty work starts. You’ll want to check over the construction estimates — both in terms of cost and time needed to finish the project. Depending on what you’re having done, there may be a demolition process and grading, to make sure that everything drains as it should. If you’re building an outbuilding or creating paths or a patio, you may need utility lines run or irrigation systems built.

These systems will need to be tested and any other major structures like a fire pit or outdoor shower will need to be completed. After any major work is done, planting will take place, finishing off your new look.

What Should Be Asking a Landscape Designer?

Checking out their portfolio and testimonials on their website is a great place to start. You want a landscape designer who is experienced, with a keen eye, knowledge of what’s currently trending, and one who can shepherd you through the landscape design process with ease and grace. If you’re looking for specific services, make sure they offer those. Ask about their process and costs, as well as what maintenance you might be expected to keep up after the process is all said and done.

Make your yard sparkle with the touch of landscaping professionals. They can transform your previously ordinary yard into a special space you’ll want to share with friends and family continue to spend time in.

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