Weather Warnings Why Windows And Doors Are Important For Your Building

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Weather Warnings Why Windows And Doors Are Important For Your Building


In the United States, there are many buildings for different purposes. You can find grocery stores, schools, police stations, gyms, various restaurants, and most importantly- condominiums. Condominiums (more commonly known as condos), by definition are types of living spaces that are similar to apartments. They house many individuals, and many individuals own, run, and care for these massive buildings. The running and caring of these buildings are especially important when there is inclement weather. To be more specific, in many states throughout the country, hurricanes are prevalent. In fact, in the 20th century, 158 hurricanes tore up the United States. Many of these hurricanes hit Florida and Texas. Additionally, one hurricane can produce millions of miles of air and more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain each day. This, understandably causes a lot of damage. If you run or own a condominium and want to ensure your structure stays safe and in tact, here’s what you need to know about your windows and doors.

Hurricane Resistant Windows

To begin, if you’re choosing hurricane proof windows, there’s an ample amount of windows to choose from. Many of these windows are made from high impact glass. High impact windows have many benefits. First, since condominiums are massive structures, it can be complex to proof all the windows before a hurricane. However, with high impact glass, any condo owner, manager, etc. will not have to worry about utilizing hurricane shutters. High impact glass, quite frankly, takes the stress out of keeping your building in ideal condition before, during, and after a hurricane.

Aside from the work of shuttering up condos, before a hurricane, high impact windows offer another benefit. Most windows and glass will shatter from falling debris during a hurricane. However, high impact windows have less of a chance of shattering, which can potentially cause even more damage. In fact, these windows can withstand winds that reach up to 110mph. It will also reduce the noise you, and condo dwellers hear during a hurricane. Lastly, and most importantly, after a hurricane, your condo’s windows will still be in great condition. Your condo will continue to look very attractive to clients- even after a major hurricane. It’s important to note that you should “contact window companies near me” in order to discuss window installation, and to ensure your windows will be installed properly.

Now, if you’re wondering how to choose hurricane proof windows, glass seems to be the most ideal choice. There are different types of glass windows you can purchase for your huge, necessary building. First, there’s Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA). These two products are combined to form a layer of film on glass windows. This layer is thick and strong. This means that it can withstand impact without shattering or cracking. This type of hurricane resistant, glass window is the most common. In addition, it uses the same products that car windows use. You need reliable, strong windows for your condo, and this is surely an option.

SentryGlas Plus is another option for your windows. These windows are ideal for condos because they are light, strong, and they do not really tarnish/turn color as they age. This way your condo stays in pristine, attractive condition for yourself and your clients.

Remember to consult “window companies near me.” These companies will assist you in all your window needs- from installing the windows, to helping you choose the one that’s best for your specific condo. Window companies near me (whichever one it may be) is here to help!

Hurricane Resistant Doors

When it comes to doors, you have many options. There’s hurricane sliding doors and hurricane impact doors- just to name a few. Similar to hurricane resistant windows, hurricane resistant doors whether they are simple glass, traditional doors, or sliding doors, they are strong. These doors can handle all the weather conditions of a hurricane, without causing much (or any) damage. They do not shatter easily, and the can resist corrosion and discoloration. With these windows, you’ll continue to have a beautiful condo, and much success.

Consultant “window companies near me” and “door companies near me” for your hurricane proof needs.

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