Three Ways to Keep Your Travertine Tile Looking Like New

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Three Ways to Keep Your Travertine Tile Looking Like New


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If you’ve recently made the choice to have travertine pavers install a travertine surface in your home, you’ve made a great choice — travertine, a form of limestone similar to marble, is known for its natural beauty and luxurious appearance. That’s why travertine is one of the biggest selling points for real estates today!

While it’s undoubtedly a beautiful and long-lasting choice for any bathroom or kitchen surface in your home, travertine tile requires a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep it looking its best throughout the years. Here are three key things to remember for preserving and protecting your travertine tile installation:

Use gentle cleaners

For regular travertine cleaning, you should be using a soft, non-abrasive wipe or dust mop. In the event of a spill, it’s important to act fast, as travertine is a porous rock that will absorb stains. Always use hot water and a cleaning product specifically formulated for stone, and be sure to steer clear of harsh, acidic cleaners like vinegar, bleach, ammonia or citrus-based products.

Protect with covers

If you have a travertine floor, it’s a good idea to use lots of door mats and floor runners in high-traffic areas to prevent the tiles from the tiny abrasions and wear and tear that dirt and dust can cause. For kitchen and bathroom countertops, always use coasters and trays to protect the tile from drinks and cosmetic products.


Above all else, you absolutely need to have your travertine tile sealed about three to five days after its installation. As stated before, travertine is a porous rock. A sealing procedure will help protect your tile from aggressive spills and will prevent it from becoming moldy in your shower.

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