Screws, Nuts and Bolts, Oh My How to Sort Through the Toolbox

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Screws, Nuts and Bolts, Oh My How to Sort Through the Toolbox


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Have you taken a tour of your dad’s toolkit lately? You might have been pretty surprised to notice that there are a ton of assortments of everything: silver pieces labeled “3/8 flat washer”, “hex flange bolts” or “12 point flange bolt”. With all this assortment, how is anyone to know which items to with with project? Below is a guide to what you need to know next time you go rooting around dad’s tool box for the best tool for the job.
There’s Two Peas in Each Pod
When it comes to tools, there is almost always a plus to ever minus. For every nut, there’s a bolt. For every screw, there’s a fastener. One is made to bind things together while the other is made to reinforce the bind. For example, a fastener is a wedge rapped around a post. Fastener supply companies make fasteners to accommodate all kinds of construction.
The Clock is Wise
Once you’ve identified the right material, you’ll need to get to work. Remember that most screws should be fastened clockwise rather than counter clockwise. The same is true of all bolts, from hex flange bolts to metric hex head bolts.
Trust the Experts
You aren’t in this alone! Even if dad isn’t around to answer questions, there are plenty of internet forums to visit, businesses to call or manufacturers to contact to get the answers you need. The United States screw, nut and bolt industry has nearly 120,000 employees. Each year, the industry makes more that $25 billion in revenue. Lastly, metal screws have been around since the 15th century, so they’ve had plenty of time to make such a plethora of options that you might be confused. The good news is that there are plenty of avenues for accessing help.

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