How a Septic Tank is Cleaned

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How a Septic Tank is Cleaned


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A septic tank includes anything that is flushed down a toilet or other wastewater pipe. Septic systems are used on properties that aren’t connected to a plumbing line maintained by the city. Just like normal plumbing, septic tanks need to be maintained to prevent any issues. This video shows how a septic tank is deep cleaned to prevent problems with overflowing.

Septic tanks need to be cleaned out completely every three to five years on average. It may need to be cleaned out sooner if the residents flush things they aren’t supposed to. for example, flushable baby wipes are only flushable if you are connected to a city’s sewer line. They are not biodegradable and will stay in your septic tank, building up over time, and causing clogs.

The first thing a septic tank cleaner needs to do is locate the tank. They will probe until they find it and then dig up the yard for access. They open the septic tank lid and clean out any solid debris with a suction hose or a three-pronged rake. The wastewater is then completely removed and the tank is cleaned with a hose.

For more information, check out the video above.

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