Four Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Home Inspectors

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Home Inspectors


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For many of the more than 40 million Americans who choose to move every year, home inspections are an important part of the process. They are vital for both making sure the home you plan to move into is in top shape and making sure you get the proper value for your current home. No matter how extensive the home staging or interior design techniques used might be, if serious renovations are needed, home buyers will be hesitant. As a result, inspectors play an important role in both the buying and selling processes. Reliable inspectors have a lot of skill and experience, but they are not always perfect. Avoid these mistakes if you want to make sure your inspection is conducted properly.

Not Inspecting New Homes

It can be tempting to avoid spending time and money on inspecting new construction because, quite simply, a new home might not have been standing long enough to suffer any damage. However, there are all kinds of construction mistakes and shortcuts that builders can make that reduce the quality and value of a home. That means doing home inspections on even the newest houses is always important.

Not Tagging Along

Since many movers have to manage full work schedules, kids, finding a new home, and selling their old one, it can be tough to find time to get to the grocery store, let alone go along on home inspections. However, going with the inspector to ask questions and witness just how serious problems are is smart.

Hiring the Wrong Inspector

Hiring the first inspector that your realtor recommends might be the easiest option, but it is not always the best. Doing so might lead to hiring someone who does not have your best interests at heart, and speeds through home inspections rather than being thorough. That could lead to serious oversights that cost you time and money.

Failing to Follow Up

Getting estimates on repairs before closing is a must for buyers who don’t want to get stuck with excessive bills that were avoidable. An inspector’s advice will prove useless if action is not taken, so being prompt about getting estimates and making repairs is always a good idea.

Inspections are a crucial part of the moving process, for both buyers and sellers. Without them, it can be almost impossible to determine the fair value of a home, and you might be surprised to learn all of the flaws that exist in even the nicest-looking homes. But in order to make sure your inspection is as useful as possible, you’ll need to avoid some common mistakes. Continue reading here:

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