Don’t Know How to Recycle Paper at Home? Here are Some Creative Ways to Try It

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Don’t Know How to Recycle Paper at Home? Here are Some Creative Ways to Try It


Ways to recycle at home

When it comes to figuring out how to recycle paper at home, almost everyone these days knows about discarding old paper in home recycling bins. And considering that each year the United States produces up to 11 billion tons of solid waste (and an estimated 30% of all waste worldwide), these bins are a necessity in all homes. Recycling paper is one of the easiest ways of going green at home, but there are other ways to recycle paper that allow for creativity and usefulness. Here are some ways you can reuse and repurpose that paper:

1. Use it as scrap paper. Keep a small pile of it by the phone to take down information, or leave it near a calendar to write down your weekly plans. You can even arrange scrap paper into a makeshift notepad to take with you when you go out if you have to write something down.

2. Delegate it as arts and crafts supplies for the kids. This is one of the most common answers to the question of how to recycle paper at home, but it really does work! Kids won’t mind using old papers for their school and personal art projects, and it can make for a great entertainment option on a rainy day, too!

3. Save it for your D.I.Y. projects. Have any home improvement projects that might make a mess? Save old newspapers to use as drop cloths. This way you won’t get paint or other debris on your floors, and you won’t have to purchase a plastic drop cloth (which would then go to a landfill anyway)!

4. Get artsy. From papier-m√Ęche and basket weaving to origami and decoupage, there are all kinds of art projects for the home that can put that paper to use. Check out Pinterest and other similar crafting sites for advice on how you can reuse and upcycle your paper. (That is, create a new and nicer purpose for it than what it originally was!)

5. Make your own stationery and greeting cards. This is something you and the kids can do. If you enjoy creating your notepads, invitations, letters, and cards, you can make them yourself and even have your kids make them, too. Stationery also makes a great gift, and you won’t find yourself spending a bunch of money on pre-made greeting cards.

6. Help the kids with their schoolwork. Who says recycled paper can’t be used for productivity? If your children have trouble with math or need to practice their penmanship, then scrap paper is a green and easy way to help them out.

When done with any leftover paper, be sure to place it in your recycling bin, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. Getting paper from work is also a good idea if you know it’s being thrown away, considering that each year, the average office employee throws out 360 pounds of recyclable paper.

If you’re looking for more ways to reuse paper, or if you still have questions about how to recycle paper at home and go green, leave a comment below! Helpful links.

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