A Guide for Plantation Shutters

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A Guide for Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are a modern kind of custom window shutters that provide sun protection, offer privacy, and add style to your space.
They are fitted within the window recess in a frame that’s similar to a picture frame as it has four sides. The shutter frames can either be screwed into your window’s recess or the walls themselves for a firm fit.

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With different designs available, you can choose a full-length shutter or one that divides your window height into two halves, and even add dividing rails between them. There are also two sizes of louvers, and two different methods of controlling them to adjust the overall look as well as the amount of light you can let in. The louvers can be fully opened both upwards or downwards, giving you extreme flexibility in how you open them, with tight slat closures for added privacy.
You can open the louver blades as much as you want to limit light and privacy, as well as open the whole shutter on a hinge just like you open your windows. Their material also makes these custom window shutters durable, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasant, and extremely low maintenance.

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