8 Key Points to Consider about New Wood Flooring

Wood flooring company

The flooring industry in the United States is huge — it employs almost 95,000 people, and the industry as a whole generates about $14 billion in revenue each year. This sector is also growing and in the five years from 2009 to 2014, the flooring industry grew by 1.1% each year. A hardwood flooring company is tasked with provided their customers with wooden flooring from the start of the project to the end, and before anyone gets hardwood flooring there are some thing they should consider. If you are thinking of working with a hardwood flooring company soon, here is a list of important points to discuss before you commit to a single business.

    1. Installation time
    The quality of wood flooring can vary greatly and this usually means there is a difference in how long it takes to install. The most expensive floors will require extra time to install because they include an extra layer on the bottom.

    2. East of cleaning
    Some materials are easier to clean than others, so with wood flooring you should make sure you get the proper sealant to prevent any messes. Talk to your wooden flooring company to make sure you are prepared for any spills that might happen on your new floor.

    3. Cost of installation
    Different types of floors will be harder to easier to install, and the ones that require more work will cost more for labor and time involved. You don’t want to skip on this cost because getting the job right the first time will save you money in the long run.

    4. Durability of material
    Certain types of flooring will be more durable and will stand the test of time, while others might require replacements after several years. Overall, wood flooring is known to be oneof the most durable types of flooring available.

    5. Cost of materials
    Oak flooring and bamboo flooring are some of the more expensive options, but if you are looking for discount hardwood flooring you should also be able to find a more budget friendly choice. Shop around to compare prices and make sure you get the best deal.

    6. Aesthetic appeal
    You will want to make sure your choice for flooring goes with your whole decor scheme in your home. If you plan on changing it or making any big alterations to furniture, window treatments or art in your home, you should consider the impact the floor will have. You should also think about any rugs you have in your home and whether you will want to keep them or move them to another area.

    7. Eco-friendly status of flooring
    You can’t get more eco-friendly than certain types of bamboo flooring, but you will want to make sure you find out exactly where the flooring material came from.

    8. Maintenance requirements
    What are the requirements for regular maintenance of your new floors? Are they easy to clean if there is a spill or will they require special treatment? What do you have to do to keep them clean, shiny and dust free? These are all things you should discuss with your hardwood flooring company. Continue your research here.

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