Why Hardwood Floors Are Special

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Why Hardwood Floors Are Special


Any home can benefit from the elegance and sophistication that hardwood flooring offers. In addition to being easy to maintain, most common wood flooring is less likely to collect most of the allergens and dust that can amass on the carpet. It also doesn’t need to be polished while being stain-resistant.

You will need to condition a prefinished maple hardwood before staining if your floorings are composed of maple birch or other species that are difficult to stain, although oak is a lot simpler.

You need to consult an experienced hardwood flooring company to enable you to install the perfect flooring option since hardwood floors come in various colors. Every style of décor has at least one hue that fits it when fitted by a specialist who comprehensively knows how to fit wooden flooring in a home.

Since lighter hues tend to be a little more casual, family rooms or bedrooms may benefit from their use. Reputable laminate wood flooring manufacturers can help you make your home’s appearance more classic and cozy by recommending using medium stain colors. Dark stains can also stand out in a room when paired with contemporary décor.

What is the best floor for your home? There are a lot of floor options. The flooring industry is a big one and it is growing every year. Between 2009 and 2014, it grew by 1.1% each year.  Different kinds of flooring may be appropriate for the different parts of your home. About 44% of homeowners choose carpet for their bedrooms. This is a popular choice for the bedrooms, 70% of all floors in the United States is covered by carpet. Harwood floors are very popular. Hardwood stain ideas are plentiful, they can be finished with a variety of colors to bring out different features of the wood.

Hardwood flooring adds a certain class and polish to any home. This could be why 34% of respondents to a Houzz survey said they planned to put some hardwood flooring in some of their home. Hardwood floors do not attract some of the dust and allergens that can accumulate in carpet and they are easier to clean. They also resist stains and can be refinished fairly easily, should that be necessary.

If you plan to go with hardwood floors, you will find there are many hardwood stain ideas out there. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect stain:

  1. What kind of wood is it? Different kinds of wood take stain in different ways. If your hardwood floors are made from maple birch or similar species, they are going to be harder to stain so you will have to condition the wood prior to staining. Oak is much easier.
  2. Where is this hardwood flooring in your home? Is there a lot of light in the area where the floor is? Lighter stain colors can open up a room and darker colors can hide infractions in the wood. Lighter stains can hide some of the scratches that will happen with any hardwood flooring.
  3. What is your decorating like? There are a ton of colors to pick from for your hardwood flooring. There is at least one color for every style and decor. Lighter colors tend to be a bit more informal so they may be good for family rooms or bedrooms. They can light up any room. Medium stain colors add a more traditional  and warm look to a home. You can find really intense and exotic colors that you might not normally associate with wood stains. Dark stains, when combined with modern decors, can make a room stand out.

One other great thing about hardwood floors is they can be fixed up and changed. To refinished a floor, you sand away the top layer and then refinish it with a new color. This can be a great way to completely change the look and feel of a home. They are so many hardwood stain ideas and options that you do not have to be limited by one color or texture.

Hardwood flooring installation is also not as hard as people sometimes think. It does cost a little more but its durability, beauty and versatility make hardwood floors a great option for any home.

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