When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

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When to Call for Air Conditioning Repair


Most American homes, along with many public buildings, have their own climate control systems inside for the comfort and convenience of all occupants. A house or a hotel, for example, will have air conditioning and heating for different times of the year, and in fact, two in three American homes have air conditioners in them, and furnaces may be standard among any home. However, the heating and cooling utility may sometimes suffer from disrepair or grime, and this can be both expensive and uncomfortable to live with. Similarly, furnace maintenance may be needed in winter, and furnace maintenance is not something to neglect. A homeowner may look online to find contractors for all this repair work, such as “furnace maintenance Boston MA” or “AC repair in Los Angeles CA” if need be. What might happen to hamper the heating and cooling in one’s home?

What Can Go Wrong

A number of problems may interfere with a furnace or the heating and cooling. One such issue may be sheer dirtiness, which can have a real impact. For example, the blower fans are strong air movers found deep inside the HVAC system, and they are key for the whole unit’s function. But if they are coated with grime such as dist, spiderwebs, pollen, or more, their output is weakened. Something similar may happen if an outdoor AC unit is clogged with dust or pollen. What is more, the air ducts or vents may be coated with grime, and rats or squirrels who break into the home may build nests in the air ducts that certainly impede the flow of cool or warm air.

Maintenance may be another problem, and it may be the primary need for furnace maintenance. All this hardware is built for hard work, but anything may break down over time. A very old furnace will probably not put out as much heat as it used to, and some of its ducts or pipes may have holes or rips in them that leak warm air. The home’s air ducts may also leak warm or cool air through holes or rips, and this is very wasteful. Leaking warm or cool air forces the entire system to work overtime, and this will use up a lot of extra electricity in the meantime.

Finally, the house itself may be the issue. If the home has thin or missing insulation in the walls or attic, it will leak a lot of warm or cool air and force the HVAC system to work overtime (once again using up extra power). Bare windows let in hot sunlight in summer and thus overwork the air conditioner, and in winter, bare windows allow warm air to leak.


If a home is no longer getting the heat that it should, furnace maintenance or replacement may be due. A homeowner may look up local contractors online or get a reference from their local hardware store. Once on the scene, professionals can replace damaged components in the furnace, such as the air ducts and other delicate components. They may also clean out grime that has built up inside, restoring proper air flow. Meanwhile, in the case of very old furnaces, it may be more price-efficient to replace the entire setup. A new furnace will have no maintenance issues, and it will meet modern electricity standards for years to come (saving power in the long run).

The heating and air conditioning units may need fixing or cleaning as well. Professionals can be brought onto the scene to clean out the air ducts and remove squirrel nests or scour the blower fans clean, restoring their power. Outdoor units can be cleaned, as well. And if the HVAC system has any damage, such as torn vents, those can be replaced as well to prevent further air leaks. And here too, if the system is very old, it may be entirely replaced with a new one, since old systems will need a lot of repairs and weren’t built with modern energy efficiency in mind anyway. A new HVAC system, once installed, will clear a house of all climate control issues and also offer more features, as well as save some electricity in the long run. This can help the system pay for itself.

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