What To Do About Foundation Damage

What To Do About Foundation Damage


All homes in the United States are built on foundations, and Texan homes that are under 50 years old may in fact be built upon slab foundations. At any rate, a foundation is usually the first thing built when a home is under construction, but a foundation’s construction quality may determine if it will have issues later on. A good foundation will have little need for foundation repair, and it will not be poorly drained, rather having good drains to remove excess water. But residential foundation repair may be needed if a foundation was built poorly or if it suffers damage in an earthquake, or water damage. Residential foundation repair crews can be found in someone’s local area. For example, Texas residents may perform online searches such as “foundation repair services Houston TX” or “residential foundation repair Austin TX.” A foundation repair contractor can get someone’s basement back into shape. What might go wrong?

Why Hire Residential Foundation Repair

Residential foundation repair may be needed if a foundation is damaged in an earthquake, and residents of California may need this work done since they often live near the San Andreas Fault. For American residents across the country, meanwhile, two of the most common issues are water damage and radon gas.

Water might break into a basement by one of two common means. One method is if the foundation is faulty and water leaks into the home through the outside, most often during rain storms or floods. A faulty foundation will let in a lot of water this way, and within hours, quite a bit of standing water may be found in the basement. In other cases, the home itself is the problem, since leaking or ruptured pipes will constantly drip or spray water into the basement, and given enough time, this allows a lot of water to pool in the basement’s lowest point.

Water damage is a big deal. Standing water can crack and erode the floor and walls, and it may also damage furniture or stored items down in the basement. What is more, all this water and its moisture fosters a lot of mold growth, and many Americans are wary of mold growth. Molds often release harmful spores and other biological agents into the home’s air, which can set off allergies to the people and pets in a home.

Radon gas is radioactive, and it can appear in American homes much more often than many realize, and this can be deadly. Radon gas is found naturally in the ground, and it emits up into the air over time. If a home has a compromised foundation or basement, a lot of radon gas can get into the home’s air through cracks and faults in the floor, and this is dangerous. Radon is radioactive, and minor airborne doses can cause chest pain and nausea, among other mild symptoms, while a high enough concentration can even cause accelerated rates of lung cancer. Radon cannot be seen or smelled, and builds up constantly, making it dangerous. Unfortunately, every year thousands of Americans perish due to radon gas poisoning in the home. What can be done?

Hire a Residential Foundation Repair Team

These ill effects can be reversed and prevented. Where water is concerned, a plumber can be hired to fix or replace leaking pipes, and plumbers may also install or upgrade drains in the basement. If a home experiences flash floods, the plumbers may install a sump pump and channels that direct water to it. A sump pump can draw up loose water in the basement and deposit it outside the home. Foundation repair crews can fix a damaged basement floor or other areas, which fixes damage and helps prevent flood water or radon gas from getting into the home.

Radon test kits can be bought at hardware stores and installed in a home to check for dangerous radon levels. These items will collect air samples and transmit this data after 90 minutes or more, and the homeowner will be contacted with the results. High radon levels require that the homeowner recycle all air in the home and open all windows and doors, and this can lower the radon gas concentration back below the EPA’s action levels. Doing this can even save lives.

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