Three Options for Updating Your Home’s Windows

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Three Options for Updating Your Home’s Windows



When homeowners begin to consider taking on some home renovations, a good thought to keep in mind is to strive for a balance between decor and usefulness. Moreover, how will this redesign create the aesthetic that I see for my home, and how can this renovations benefit the physical condition of my home. One simple tactic of home renovation that can be undertaken is through window treatments.

Windows and doors are the focal entrance and exit of your home — it’s how people see the outside of your home and walk both into/out of it; however, they also cause one-third of your home’s thermal loss. Whether for the reasons of updating interior design and/or the efficiency of your home, treating your windows with a set of shades and draperies can imbue a modern sense of elegance and efficacious technology. When considering shades for window redesigns, there are a few important ones to choose from: plantation shutters, cellular shades, and roller shades.

Plantation shutters, which are known for their sophistication, craftsmanship, and timeless appearance, not only serve as window treatments, but as a long-term investment for your home. Typical plantation shutters can have a lifetime of up to 20 years, which is much longer than most rolling/collapsing shades, and can improve the performance of your window’s energy efficiency by up to 13%. Furthermore, unlike other window treatments and shades, plantation shutters can be custom painted to perfectly match the color of the room in which they are installed. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of flair, consider matching a valance with your plantation shutters, which will not only increase the picturesque aesthetic of your home, but continue improving heat loss issues.

Cellular shades, which are best known for their blackout and light filtering fabric options, are a sound way to add some style and efficiency to your home. Getting both their name and insulating properties from their honeycomb shape, cellular shades work to efficiently trap heat within your home. According to the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC), cellular shades can approximately save anywhere from $280 to $470 annually, when installed over a single pane window. Similar to plantation shutters, cellular shades are customizable, where you can decide to opt for cordless and motorized remote control options. Paired with a set of tasteful, medium-colored draperies can further increase the heat retention of your home, while reducing heat gains by up to one-third in the summer.

Offering a sleek, modern appeal with excellent light control abilities, Roller shades are another option for your window treatments. The benefits of roller shades are that they provide you with a great deal of options, from materials to texture, light control to lift options. Similarly, they are quite easy to maintain and clean, requiring little work in terms to upkeep. As reported by the AERC, the average roller shade, when installed on a single pane window, can save a homeowner up to $180 on their energy bills annually. Like cellular shades, if you’re considering installing roller shades, you should equally consider installing the right set of drapes.

The right set of drapes, when paired with the window’s shades, can effectively impact the overall look and feel of a room — whether you are looking for that luxurious appearance (get a length that allows the drapes bottom to puddle on the floor) or one that is cleaner and more casual (this is achieved at a length in which the drape just comes in contact with the floor).

If you’re considering updating and performing some window treatments for your home, you should first consider the aesthetic that you’re looking for in your home, and then the benefits that come with those choices. With the right window treatments, you can provide your home with a splash of elegant flair, whether modern or classic.

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