Taking A Look At Why Every Home Should Use Bamboo Flooring

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Taking A Look At Why Every Home Should Use Bamboo Flooring


From being easy to take apart to harder than traditional hardwoods, there are many reasons that installing bamboo flooring in your home is likely to be quite the good idea indeed. And bamboo flooring is becoming more and more common throughout the country, meaning that it is more readily available – and with more professionals that know how to install bamboo flooring – than ever before. For many people, bamboo flooring such as strand bamboo flooring and snap together bamboo flooring (that is quite easy to take apart) is beginning to provide a viable alternative to many of the other flooring options, such as that of hardwood floors.

For instance, bamboo flooring is easy to install, easy to take apart, and easy to put back together. Because it is easy to put together and easy to take apart, it is perfect for replacing a currently existing floor that has become outdated or worn. In fact, this easy to take apart and put together bamboo flooring can often be installed directly over the existing floor.

And the quality of this easy to take apart bamboo flooring is quite high indeed, with the vast majority of bamboo floors actually harder than traditional wood flooring options. In comparison to oak flooring, for instance, easy to take apart bamboo flooring and other types of bamboo flooring are up to three times as hard. And easy to take apart bamboo flooring and other types of bamboo flooring, like strand bamboo flooring, are quite durable as well as being impressively hard.

Engineered bamboo floors, the ones that are so easy to take apart and put back together again, can, for instance, be refinished as many as two full times. And strand bamboo flooring can last for even longer, though there might be a pricier upfront cost to it at the initial time of installation. This strand bamboo flooring can, in some cases, be refinished as many as four separate times, giving it quite the impressive longevity, all things considered.

Aside from all of this, bamboo flooring of all varieties tends to be considerably more environmentally friendly than many other types of flooring available here in the United States. This holds particularly true when we look at a comparison of bamboo flooring against hardwood flooring. After all, bamboo plants can reach full maturity in as little as three years – and typically in no more than five years – which makes them a sustainable source of material for flooring. However, this is very much not the case when it comes to hardwood flooring options.

Hardwood flooring options are still hugely popular here in the United States and in many other parts of the world as well. After all, hardwood flooring is very aesthetically appealing, adding class and dignity to just about any home, no matter how large or small or old or new the home in question might be. Hardwood flooring has a great deal of longevity as well, lasting for centuries when given the proper kind of care. However, there are detriments to hardwood flooring as well, even though more than half (around 54%, to be more exact) of all prospective home owners have said that they would be willing to pay considerably more for a home that had hardwood flooring in it.

For one thing, hardwood trees of all varieties tend to take a considerable amount of time to grow before they can be considered fully grown. In fact, some types of hardwood trees will need as many as 60 full years of growth before they can be considered to be matured. Even the fastest growing of all hardwood trees will require at least 20 years – still a full two decades – of growth. This means, of course, that the sustainable use of hardwood trees becomes difficult if the wood in question being used is not reclaimed wood. Therefore, bamboo flooring becomes a better option when it comes to making a sustainable choice, one that is healthy from an environmental standpoint.

At the end of the day, the benefits of using bamboo flooring of all types are certainly many no matter where you’re at in the country.

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