Repairing a Rotted Floor Base

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Repairing a Rotted Floor Base


If you have been searching for ways to replace the subfloor in your home or office space, then this video is just for you. It shows exactly how one can do a first floor renovation all through DIY processes. The ways in which a house can be built, either slab on grade and basement or crawl space, are explained in this video so that you are well informed on how your own house has been built. From there, the list of materials to choose from for sub-flooring is given, including oriented strand boards and particle boards.

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The reasons why the floor was damaged in the first place must be found to prevent it from happening again in the future. Ways to prevent moisture from creeping and damaging floorboards are given and the video also shows a step-by-step operation to fix the rotten floor. Reminders to have safety gear are mentioned in the video. From the demolition of the floor to the installation of new boards is also documented. The narrators take it a step further and show each step they took to cut out the correct sizes of plywood and install them perfectly. Time to get busy!.

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