Preventative Prowess to Preempt Plumbing Problems

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Preventative Prowess to Preempt Plumbing Problems


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Ah, the sewer. That magical pipe that takes it all away. Until it doesn’t anymore, and then it can be a nightmare. Sewer problems can really cause your day to… well, to stink. So here are a few things to keep in mind about your beloved sewer system in order to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

Putting Pressure on the Pipes.
That old saying, “Too many cooks can spoil the stew,” is also true about plumbing: The more people utilizing one system, the harder that system has to work, and the less room you have for error. A family of four may not be a daily strain on a residential plumbing system, but adding even a single extra person into the mix can make a big difference on the water load (more showers, more trips to the bathroom, more glasses of water from the sink, more dishes to clean, etc.). And there’s no way of knowing just how many is too many until it’s too late.

Pre-existing Problems.
Residential toilets have better than a one-in-five chance of leaking, either a little or a lot. And while a leaky faucet is an easy problem to spot, a leaky toilet may not be as apparent. So when you’ve got your trusty local plumbing repair company out at the house to check the faucet, see if they can check the toilets too. And your water heater. And your washer. And anywhere else water flows in your house. Most plumbing repair services should also be able to tell you how much water your home should be using, so you can check your water bill for unusually high numbers.

Pesky Pines.
Trees are terrific but their roots can be ruinous. While most root systems don’t go very deep underground (only about one to three down), they can spread laterally two or three times farther than the leaves above. So a small, unassuming maple tree with a canopy seven feet wide can have a root structure that spreads over a twenty-foot circle. This provides the tree with some great stability, but is seriously no bueno for your sewer system. Especially if your pipes are made of clay, which could be the case if your system was installed before the 1980s — clay pipes don’t stand a chance against tree roots. Yearly reassessment of the trees on your property, as well as regular sewer line inspections, can go a long way towards avoiding pipe infiltration and damage.

Preempting Time’s Passage.
Nothing lasts forever. Even if your sewer lines are running at peak efficiency, entropy and the passage of time will surely wear them down. Regular inspections and maintenance by qualified plumbing services can help postpone the inevitable, but if your system is pushing 40, it will probably need replacing. Better to replace an older system when it’s somewhat convenient than to need emergency plumbing repair in the dead of winter.

Patience and Preventative Perseverance.
If your plumbing and sewer lines are working, you shouldn’t have to worry about them — but that’s not the same as ignoring them. Regular preventative maintenance and scheduled inspections will help your plumber spot issues before they become actual problems, which will save you time, money, and a potentially smelly situation. Get more info here.

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