Must Ask Questions For Any Roofer

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Must Ask Questions For Any Roofer


If you are considering hiring a roofing company for your next project, watch this video for some must ask questions you should ask any roofer.

1. What is your office address?
When working with a roofing company, you want to make sure you know where there base of operations is. This will help if you have any pressing questions or concerns that cannot be handled over the phone.

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2. What is your license number?
If you are hiring a roofing company, you want to make sure they are certified and professional. Roofing contractors should be assigned their own license numbers so you should always ask for this before agreeing to hire anybody. This ensures that your work is only being done by certified professionals.

3. Do you have worker’s insurance?
You want to make sure that any job that is being done on your roof is covered by insurance. The last thing you want is to have some kind of damage occur and you be held liable for it. This would cost an obscene amount of money out of your own pocket when it shouldn’t cost anything extra.

4. Do you need money up front?
If you need to pay anything up front, you want to know. You do not want to be blind sided by any additional costs so make sure this is one of the first things you ask.

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