Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for a Major Upgrade?

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Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for a Major Upgrade?


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It had been a fantastic weekend. Your son was initially concerned that it would seem strange to have a graduation party in December, but you convinced him that a mid term college graduation was worth celebrating. Scheduled the week before Christmas, it was easy to decorate using the holiday items that were already around the house. Christmas in Florida though can be a little unpredictable, but the day was fantastic and many of the guests were able to spend most of the afternoon outside on the patio and pool deck. Your husband was so glad that the weeks leading up to the event allowed the contractors to finish installing the new Travertine pavers that he had recently purchased.
Have You Considered Travertine Pavers for Your Deck?
Any time a group of guests can be outside in December it is something to celebrate, graduation or not. And a new decorator stone installation on a new outdoor patio is the perfect setting for a gathering of any kind. Even installed around as the border of an above ground pool deck, Travertine tiles are a versatile choice.
Created by nature, Travertine is a variety of limestone formed by hot mineral springs. Found in many areas around the world, different types of climates and ground minerals create colors that vary from white, tan, brown, cream, and gold. Used as a natural rough surface, or glossed to a shiny finish, Travertine is used indoors around fire places and in bathrooms, as well as in many outdoor patios and pool decks.
Would a Composite Product be a Better Choice?
Another option for outside decking and patio material that might be a better choice for parts of the country with a harsher climate is a composite material. Winters in the midwest, for example, can include harsh winter temperatures and lots of freezing and unthawing. In some of these places, the versatility of a composite decking material might be the best choice.
Because research indicates that an investment in a deck can bring as much as a 72% return on investment, many home owners realize the importance of installing quality materials. A composite deck can not only increase the value of a home, it can also extend a home’s living space. Made from a composite or vinyl material rather than wood, a higher quality deck material will not warp or splinter.
What Outdoor Projects Are You Considering?
Whether you are a new homeowner or someone who has been in a house for many years, the list of outdoor projects that you might be considering can be extensive:

  • Installing a stone walkout patio area outside a basement exit. Including a fire pit and built in seating area can create a new gathering spot for family and friends who gather for evenings together.
  • A backyard gazebo with seating for a family dinner space. Removed from the house and the immediate need to clear the table, this area may encourage your family and friends to relax and enjoy an extended conversation at the end of a delicious meal.
  • Installing a new pool deck. Replacing broken concrete surfaces provides an immediate face lift to an outdoor pool area. Making the decision to upgrade to a Travertine border around areas that you want to highlight is an even more impressive addition.
  • Redesigning landscaped areas with outdoor paver bricks instead of black rubber tubing is another outdoor project that immediately improves the visual appeal of a home. Since landscaping most often is part of the front as well as the back yard, an update is visible to anyone who walks or drives by your home.
  • Creating a versatile textured and colored concrete driveway. Combining patterns of pea gravel, paver bricks, and stained concrete is a way to make your driveway an attractive visual entrance to your home.

While many home owners spend their money and their time updating the interior of their home, wise house owners also know that it is important to also pay attention to the visual appeal of the outside of a home. Whether you are adding Travertine tiles to a pool deck, designing brick pavers for a patio, or creating a new outdoor eating area and gathering place, outdoor improvements add to the value of a home. Ger more information on this topic here.

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