How New Roofs Save Homeowners Money

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How New Roofs Save Homeowners Money


It’s understandable to rarely think about your roof. Many homeowners are guilty of taking this area of a home for granted. Unfortunately, this can lead to you ignoring a roof that needs to be replaced. If you feel nervous at the mere thought of roof replacement, you’re not alone. However, you might unaware of how much savings a new roof provides. In this post, you’ll learn how a new roof can save you a lot of money.

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Statistics show that shingle roofs can last anywhere from five to six years. In some cases, these roofs can last up to 12 years. This all depends on the weather conditions where you live. Roofs that receive extensive damage from the sun, wind, and storms will need to be replaced more often.

If your roof has received extensive damage, it will be easy to notice. You’ll typically see shingles missing from your roof. In other situations, larger parts of your roof might be damaged or missing. Regardless of where the damage is occurring, it’s imperative to get these problems solved. At this point, many homeowners contact roofing contractors for a roof replacement.

How New Roofs Save Homeowners Money

It’s understandable to want to avoid renovating your home. Many homeowners simply don’t have the time to spend on the projects. However, there are several wise reasons why you’ll want to think about replacing your home’s roof.

  1. Reduces Energy Costs

    Many people contact roofing contractors after noticing an increase in heating and cooling bills. Over the course a year, these costly bills will begin to add up. In many cases, the culprit of these costly bills is a worn down roof. As roofs age, their ability to block outside air decreases. That being said, replacing your roof will help save you from paying costly energy bills. In fact, statistics show that choosing new roofing material helps lower home energy needs by as much as 30%.
  2. Increases Resale Value of Your Property

    Owning a home is often considered an investment. Many homeowners look forward to selling their properties in order to move somewhere else. Considering that, it’s important to spruce up your property before placing it on the market. If you’re wanting to impress any potential home buyers, consider contacting a roofer. Remodeling Magazine reports that a new roof will increase the resale value of an average home by an estimated $12,000.
  3. Helps Keep Your Home Safe

    As time goes on, all roofing materials will age. If you’re taking steps to fix an aged roof, it could cause more damage to your home. Roofs not only offer protection to the top of your home, it’s part of what makes your property stable. Without a stable roof, other parts of your home could become damaged which lead to more repair costs. In order to keep these additional costs to a minimum, it’s best to replace your roof at the first signs of trouble.

In closing, there are several reasons replacing your roof saves money. However, it’s dangerous to perform this project on your own. Therefore, many homeowners contact roofing contractors to take care of this issue. Replacing a roof doesn’t only make your home safer, it also often leads to less expensive heating and cooling bills.

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