How Drapes Can Help Reduce Energy Use in Your Home

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How Drapes Can Help Reduce Energy Use in Your Home



Owning a home is a commitment to always getting something done. It seems that the to-do-list never quite goes away as every year more homeowners are completing home improvement projects to improve the value of their home. Many homeowners don’t realize that their windows are prime elements to replace, reinforce, or decorate. Here are some changes that could make your windows something more than just a pretty view.

Safer Windows

Windows are beloved targets for hurricanes and burglars alike. In areas where flooding, hurricanes, and tornados are common, many homeowners choose to reinforce their windows with hurricane resistant aluminum, vinyl, or wood options for maximum safety. High-quality impact-resistant windows can withstand storm winds of up to 200 miles per hour; this means they are capable of withstanding category 5 wind conditions.

Energy-Saving Options

Every year, homeowners are paying more than they have to on their heating bills. In an average home, the window can be responsible for leaking up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning energy through inefficient windows. Eco-friendly windows certified by Energy Star can lower energy bills by 7-15%. New models are expected to last for at least 20 years, saving homeowners thousands over their service lives.

Cut Down on Bills

Investing in new windows can help to add value to a home, but sometimes comfort and style trump value. On average, replacement windows can yield a 78% return on investment. For those who want to save energy without having to commit to new windows, here are few tips and tricks to cut down on energy bills. Covering your windows with drapes is the easiest way to reduce energy loss. Drapes come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials to match with any home. A less aesthetic option exists in the form of weather stripping; this covering can help reduce heat loss for rooms that get cold in winter. Whether you’re replacing old windows or treating them like new, see how much energy your home can save when you make these simple changes.

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