Follow These AC Maintenance Tips and Keep Your Home Cool All Year


Performing preventative maintenance is an excellent way for a person to keep his or her AC unit running smoothly so that it performs as it should all year long. The video discusses some helpful tips that a homeowner should use on the AC system to keep it in shape.

One preventative measure a person can do to the AC system is to keep the vents and doors clean. The person should inspect them and use a clean rag or a can of air to remove dust from an area where it is accumulating. Another helpful tip is to turn off the humidifier dampener if the furnace has one.

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It is not necessary because there’s already enough humidity in the summer. The switch should easily be found above the unit.

The return grille is an area that should be cleaned thoroughly if it has hair and dust in it.
The speaker also mentions that the homeowner should not close off too many vents. Closing off too many vents could cause a myriad of problems with the AC system and might lead to the need for AC services. It’s better to leave most of the vents open.

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