Create Safer Outdoor Environments With LED Lighting

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Create Safer Outdoor Environments With LED Lighting


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Given the importance of having sufficient lighting for roadways, parking garages, and other areas that experience low-visibility, more businesses, and government offices are opting for LED lighting. Recent statistics show that 22% of the electricity generated within the United States is being used for lighting, according to U.S.Department of Energy. it’s important to note that this department contends energy usage can be even further reduced.

The U.S. Department of Energy indicates LED lighting can potentially reduce the energy used in this county by almost 50%. Recent data shows that 11% of the United States’ energy usage is for residential buildings, such as apartment and condo complexes, Commercial buildings, however, consume 18% of the country’s energy.

When compared with halogen lights, for example, LED lighting utilizes 15% less energy. Furthermore, LEDs also provide approximately 85% more light than halogen bulbs. Since LEDs use less energy than other types of lighting, this can assist with reducing the overall energy consumption needed in a variety of locations. In addition to providing more efficient lighting for residential and commercial buildings,when more LED lights are used, it can reduce the overall energy consumption for LED roadway lighting, LED warehouse lighting fixtures, and LED parking garage lighting.

While some areas may not require parking garage lighting to be available 24/7, others have legal mandates. When continual lighting this is required by law, this creates a safer environment for people going to and from work, shopping, or engaging in other activities. In outdoor areas such as pedestrian walkways, building entrances and exits, and other areas where pedestrians are present, LED canopy fixtures can provide more safety as well.

It goes without saying that LED roadway lighting is also extremely important. This type of lighting provides more visibility in areas where street lights may not be as prevalent. Furthermore, LED roadway lighting can also illuminate “caution” and other types of road-side warnings.

Whether you own and operate a business, are a government official, or are responsible for another type of establishment, such as a school or church, are you currently using halogen or fluorescent lighting? While these types of lighting may have been considered “standard issue” for quite some time, it makes sense to consider the energy-saving benefits of LED canopy light fixtures and other types of LED lighting. In addition to consuming less energy, these lights are also dependable and have a longer lifespan than their counterparts.

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