Commercial Landscaping Companies Can Help You Create a New Living Space

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Commercial Landscaping Companies Can Help You Create a New Living Space


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You do not want to jinx anything, but it might finally be time to put the snowblower away and really focus on the process of getting your yard in shape. While some years you have had one more snow storm in the early days of spring, the weathermen predict that this year’s snow is done for the year. The call for upcoming days of spring showers mean that the commercial landscaping company wants to come out right away and start their next set of fertilizing and other yard preparations for the fast approaching growing season.
Current Outdoor Spaces Require Attention to Yards and Landscaping Details
What do you notice when you drive through a new neighborhood? Are you first attracted to beautiful landscaping and well manicured yards? Paying attention to landscaping design and other outdoor details do not happen by accident. In fact, the best landscaping can raise your property value as much as 12%.

Outdoor living designs, in addition, have become a major selling point in neighborhoods across the country. As home owners reach completion of all of their indoor projects, 50% of them are making plans for updates to outdoor spaces. For instance of the people who are planning outdoor upgrades and renovations, most are budgeting $10,000 or more on their current or upcoming outdoor projects. The decision to involve professionals in the planning and implementation of these outdoor projects is common.
Popular Projects Expand Living Space to the Great Outdoors
Consider some of the most popular backyard improvements that home owners across the nation are making:

  • Outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs. Especially popular in parts of the country where weather is nice enough to enjoy these spaces year round, outdoor pool design has moved well beyond the standard rectangular cement pond look. Creative use of large natural rocks create diving walls that allow swimmers to make use of deep diving areas of pools. As much landscape as anything else, these pools add to the value of a home because the incorporate planted areas that frame these swimming areas.
  • Outdoor theater areas. Outdoor theaters are very popular designs created by a commercial landscaping company. A large screen that can be moved in and out whenever it is needed can provide long evenings of family and friends gathering together to watch popular movies, as well as local sporting events. Surround sound options can be placed in trees and other hidden locations to make the experience even more like being at a big theater. Outdoor seating areas invite guests to come, stay, and enjoy each others company while watching a family film favorite at the same time.
  • Golf putting areas. Often disguised as another part of the yard, these one, tow, or three hole putting ranges can kept mowed short or inserted with artificial turf. Inviting residents to perfect an important part of their game, golf enthusiasts appreciate the opportunity to practice so close to home.
  • Large multi-level play structures. As our children become more and more immersed in technologies and screen time, many children would benefit from more opportunities to play outside. Play structures can include traditional swings and slides, as well as climbing walls, and balance opportunities.
  • Outdoor cooking areas. Again, surrounded by natural stone and materials, an outdoor cooking area can provide a setting where guests are invited and comfortable to stay and watch the outdoor chef cook dinner on the grill. An accompanying fire pit encourages family and friends to stay and enjoy an evening of long conversations or to grill marshmallows over an open flame.
  • Traditional flowers and landscaping. While many families look at swimming pools, backyard theaters, and outdoor kitchens, a commercial landscaping company can still help families design a place to grow traditional flowers and other shrubs. Careful planting and planning can help home owners plant flowering bushes and flowers that will provide outdor color almost year round.

Let the Outdoors Help You Recapture Family Time
More than 50% of the home owners who are upgrading and enlarging their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours enjoying them a week. A commercial landscaping company can help create space to relax, garden, and entertain in these new living spaces that help bring your family and friends together more often.

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