Cleaning Your Pool Deck for the First Time

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Cleaning Your Pool Deck for the First Time


Cleaning a pool deck is important for many reasons. Cleaning keeps the deck free from mold and mildew. Pool chemicals like chlorine can eventually cause the deck to crack. YouTube content creator John Veit describes how to clean a pool deck with a pressure washer.

The first thing to know about pressure washing the pool deck is that you do not have to buy a pressure washer. You can rent them from big hardware chain stores.

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Rent a pressure washer with a 100-foot hose attached.

You need to hook the washer up to an outdoor spigot. Wear eye protection, because the force of water from a broken hose can blind you. Wear gloves when working with bleach.

Use two gallons of bleach to five gallons of water. Spray it all over the deck. Let it soak for at least twenty minutes. Scrub any really dark spots. Then, fill the pressure washer with plain water. Spray the water to clean the deck. Keep the nozzle of the wand as close to the deck surface as possible, but you do not need to bend over.

You should clean your pool deck at least once every six months, but not more than six times a year. This is because too much exposure to bleach can damage wood or concrete.

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