Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Tips


Carpet cleaning secrets

Your carpet. You love it. But does it love you? Are your really taking care of it, or do you just vacuum it every once in a while? Not to worry: here are a few carpet cleaning tips to make sure your carpet stays happy and healthy for years and years to come.

Grab a Rake. A carpet rake, to be specific. This handy tool will restore the look (and feel) of your carpet, especially in high-traffic areas where countless footsteps have worn down the pile, giving you that new-carpet feel for longer.

Get Rid of Stains… Before You Even Spill. Most professional carpet cleaning services over treatments that can make your carpet more stain resistant. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever spill again, obviously, but it does mean that any spills that do happen can be cleaned up more easily.

Know How to Tackle the Tough Stains. Have a plan in place for those legendary stain problems. For example: White-carpet owners can get paranoid about red wine, but as long as there’s a bottle of white in the house too, red wine isn’t a problem. Immediately dab white wine on any red wine stain, and the two will literally cancel each other out, leaving your carpet brilliant once more.

Spring for a Heavy-Duty Cleaning. Every year, your carpet can accumulate several pounds of dirt — including food crumbs, dead skin, and yes, actual dirt — even with a regular vacuuming routine. So at least once a year, call one of your local commercial carpet cleaning companies and treat your carpet to a deep clean.

Do you have any useful, quirky, or tried-and-true carpet cleaning tips to share? Please leave them in the comments below. Helpful research also found here.

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