4 Benefits of Having Soundproofing Material in a Hostpital

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4 Benefits of Having Soundproofing Material in a Hostpital


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Many medical facilities are ordering acoustic ceiling materials for their buildings. You’ll find that soundproofing walls and ceilings help to protect the integrity of your practice. It makes sense to wonder why acoustic coverings have become popular in the medical world. Here are four benefits of utilizing soundproofing material inside of a hospital.

  1. Keeping HIPPA Information Confidential

    Every medical professional knows the importance of following guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA. Medical professionals are tasked with collecting and keeping patients information confidential. You don’t want patient information becoming public as this creates to a HIPPA violation. Statistics show that for every 1% of a room that isn’t covered properly, 50% of all sounds escape the room.
  2. Reducing High Noise Levels for Workers

    Statistics show that nearly 15% of American adults suffer from high frequency hearing loss due to noises present while at work or during leisure activities. Many building owners ensure that soundproof wall panels are installed within their properties. Workers in the medical field are known for working longer shifts than the standard eight hours. You’ll want to ensure that your employees can work safely in a relatively quiet environment.
  3. Calming Experience for Patients

    Many patients are known to feel nervous while visiting a medical facility. It’s understandable to want to provide patients with a calming stay. You’ll find that acoustic ceiling panels help reduce sound spilling into a patient’s room. Patients that are able to hear what’s going on in the next might feel frazzled and not willing to come back. Utilizing acoustic ceiling materials helps ensure a crying child or coughing patient in the next room isn’t as easy to hear. Adverse health effects that can occur when around community noise includes learning and cardiovascular problems. Cardiovascular risks increase as the noise level in a room exceeds 40 decibels.
  4. Safe Building Material

    Many people have found themselves dealing with health issues relating to building materials. A medical facility needs to be a place that is sterile and clean. You’ll find that acoustic ceiling materials are safe to use in the workplace. You can rest assured you’ll have a peaceful working environment without having to worry about breathing hazardous materials.

In closing, there are several benefits of implementing soundproofing material in a medical facility. Not allowing sound to escape from a room helps ensure your practice isn’t violating HIPPA. Many workers in a medical facility are known to work in longer shifts. Having soundproofing materials installed at your facility help to keep the ears of your workers protected from community noise. People will enjoy being placed in a room that mutes sounds from the rooms of nearby patients. Acoustic ceiling materials are known to be a safe way to reduce sounds in a building. Many medical facilities implement acoustic ceiling tiles to keep sound levels low for both workers and patients.

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