3 Ways to Create a Rustic Home

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3 Ways to Create a Rustic Home


Plank accent wall

It makes sense for homeowners to want to change how their homes appear from time to time. Many homeowners implement a rustic theme when it’s time to start designing. You’ll find that it’s relatively simple to begin making your home more rustic. Many homeowners prefer to implement a wood accent wall DIY project. However, there are many ways to increase how rustic your home appears. Here are three ways to create a more rustic home.

  1. Create a Wood Plank Accent Wall

    Many people looking to live in a rustic home implement a accent wood wall. It’s important to choose the type of accent wall wood that works best for your project. Oak is often utilized for its durability, ranging anywhere from 1,290-1,360 pounds on the Janka hardness scale. Maple often comes in both soft and hard forms to provide a purchaser with additional options. There are 23 separate Maple species growing throughout the United States and Canada. The wide varieties of Maple create plenty of wood accent wall DIY project possibilities.
  2. A Clock Made From Wood

    One way to increase how rustic a room appears is through creating a wooden clock. You’ll find that all you need to complete this look is a piece of wood and a clock kit. To begin creating this clock, you’ll want to cut a piece of wood into a circle. Next, install the clock kit on the surface of the wood and you have your clock. This DIY clock won’t include numbers but works well to ramp up the rustic appeal of a room.
  3. Implement Hanging Lantern Lights

    One key element in creating a more rustic home is to utilize hanging lights. There are many styles of rustic hanging lights that are easy to make. One popular type of rustic lighting is created by wrapping holiday lights around hanging fixtures made of wood. If you want to get extra rustic, you can place lights inside of old mason jars.

In summary, there are several ways to create a more rustic home. Many homeowners prefer to implement a wood accent wall DIY project. You’ll find there are many wood styles that make a great accent wall. One great way to create a simple clock for a rustic home is to get a piece of log in addition to a clock kit. Placing the clock kit on the face of a wooden log creates a clock you won’t be able to purchase in stores. Many rustic homes are known for their hanging light fixtures. If you don’t want to purchase a chandelier, you can make your lights through using mason jars and holiday string lights.

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