When Was the Last Time Your Home’s HVAC System Was Serviced?

The first two weeks at the new college were rough. After finding out that you had no heat because of a leaky gas pipe, you were forced to using space heaters, spending time in a hotel, and offering help from new friends you had just met. Winter months in Ohio are not mild, and the fact that you had moved north from Louisiana also meant that you were not able to easily adjust to the outside temperatures. The fact that you did not have indoor heat was a major inconvenience.

Fortunately, the problem was remedied after three nights and four days. During this time, you were forced to meet new people, become familiar with your new surroundings, and get creative about ways to conserve heat.

This Is the Time of Year When Few People Take Heating Services for Granted

Heating repairs are always important, but if you have ever had to go without the heat from your furnace during a winter cold snap you understand the importance of finding a professional who will help find a quick and reliable solution. Fortunately, with the right heating maintenance you can make sure that your furnace is working when you need it. When, for instance, a professional heating service representative visits your home at the beginning of the season, that person can recommend any parts replacement that might be necessary. In addition, a HVAC company that does a twice a year inspection can make sure that the air conditioning is working when the hot temperatures of summer arrive.
Whether you are a college student moving into a new rental space or you are a home owner of a property that is more than 50 years old, it is important to know that you will have the heating and cooling services that you need. Without important maintenance visits, many home owners are unaware that their furnace or air conditioner have problems that might be easily remedied.

In addition to avoiding a complete failure, regular HVAC maintenance checks can also help save energy. For instance, the latest research indicates that 75% of the utility costs of a home come from power that is used for home electronics that are being kept in a standby or off position, including HVAC equipment. Finding a way to monitor these standby conditions allows you to possibly reduce the amount of money that you spend on your yearly energy bills.

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