Four Window Treatment Trends to Try in Your Home

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The average person is aware of the many benefits window treatments offer their home. For example, blinds, curtains, awnings and other window treatments have been shown to reduce sun damage, help conserve energy, and regulate a room’s temperature. Additionally, they can help add style to any home. However, with the number of window treatment trends available in the market today, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Fortunately, there are a number of creative approaches that can give any room an attractive and unique touch. Take inspiration from the ideas below!

Turn Curtains Into a Canopy
If you love the look of four poster beds but are worried about overwhelming the room, let your window curtains or drapes do the work! Back a bed frame against a wall with multiple window, then attach extra-long curtains or drapes to the center of the display with a bed crown instead of a curtain rod. Next, use curtain ties and holdbacks to arrange the fabric on either side of the bed.

Go Sheer
All window treatments come in a variety of materials, but sheer, light-colored fabrics are a timeless way to reduce sunlight glare and add a clean, simple look to any room. This can be done with curtains or shades, which often come in varying degrees of transparency, allowing you to choose the best option that ensures your privacy.

Play with Texture
As previously mentioned, every window treatment typically comes in a number of materials. For example, window shutters, shades and window blinds are made from plastic, wood, and more. Take advantage of this by adding texture to your rooms with bamboo blinds, woven roller shades, or painted shutters, pairing them with complimentary curtains, drapes or furniture.

Draw Attention with Contrasting Colors
Make your windows the focal point of your room by using window treatments that stand in stark, beautiful contrast to the rest of the room. Try white plantation shutters in a room with dark shades, or bright curtains amid a neutral color scheme. While simplicity often helps this tactic strike the perfect note, it also gives you plenty of room to experiment.

There are a number of practical benefits for adding window treatments to your home, such as reduced energy usage and the ability to protect your furniture from sun damage. However, these fixtures can also bring any room together by unifying a color scheme or creating a focal point. Look around your home and consider if these or other window treatment trends are right for you! Read more about this topic at this link.

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