The Benefits of Utilizing Residential and Commercial Trash Removal Services

In the United States, a considerable amount of trash is created and disposed of every day. The average person, for example, creates more than four pounds of trash on a daily basis. Over the course of their adult lives, this amounts to throwing away 600 times their weight in garbage. Unfortunately, a significant portion of this trash ends up in the country’s landfills rather than being recycled or reused.

Some Costs Associated With Recycling or Removing Trash

In order to clean up litter, approximately $11.5 billion is spent on an annual basis. When trash is recycled, however, it costs an average of $30.00 per ton. The costs associated with transporting trash to landfills costs roughly $50.00 per ton. Given this, it’s more cost-effective to recycle trash rather than transport it to landfills.

How to Minimize Waste

Waste management experts indicate that there are three basic strategies involved with minimizing waste. The waste hierarchy, or the “Three R’s” refer to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs can make a difference in reducing a considerable amount of waste. More than 87% of Americans have access to these programs for both residential and commercial recycling. It’s important to note that when just one ton cardboard is recycled, it can save more than nine cubic yards in a landfill.

Organic materials such as paper, paperboard, yard trimmings, and food comprise the largest percentage of municipal solid waste. While paper and paperboard comprise 27% of this, yard trimmings and food comprise 28%. When regular removal services are utilized, this can minimize the amount of waste in urban and other areas.

Learn More About Residential and Commercial Trash Removal Services

Once you contact a local residential and commercial trash removal service, they can provide you with detailed information about their available services. They may, for instance, recommend adding a dumpster or two to your commercial or residential property. In addition to recommending a dumpster, they may also suggest having designated bins for greenery and other recyclable items. When you have these services in place, you’re making a significant contribution to your community by keeping items that can be reused or otherwise recycled out of the country’s landfills.

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