Pedal To the Metal Why A Metal Roof Should Be Your Next Roof

Metal roofing in wisconsin

Are you looking to replace your roof and already dreading the estimates roofing contractors are going to throw your way? As you probably already know by now, a new roof can be an expensive investment, but in many cases a necessary and worthwhile one. If you’re looking to sell your home and know that replacing the roof will boost the market value of your home considerably, roofing companies may have a pleasant surprise for you: metal roofs are becoming more popular, cost-efficient, and energy smart. Consider getting in touch with a metal roofing contractor to discuss the benefits of metal roofing.
The Basics About Metal Roofs
If you think metal roofs and an image of a corrugated tin roof comes to mind, think again! Metal roofs have come a long way. Generally, the types of metal you’ll see a metal roofing contractor using for your roof are either steel or aluminum. In older times, many wealthy people had copper roofs as a sign that they could afford to let it weather and replace it. Zinc blends and stainless steel can also be used for roofing materials as well. There are also two typical styles of metal roofs. One is a vertically paneled roof and the other is interlocked shingles. Interlocked shingles may look more similar to traditional roofing, but a vertically paneled roof can add a nice modern twist to your home. Additionally, there are over 100 colors to choose from with metal roofs–more traditional colors, as well as premium colors and ones you can customize yourself.
What Are Some Advantages of Metal Roofs?
First and foremost, longevity is the best aspect of installing a metal roof. They can last up to 50 years (or even more in some cases) when well maintained; about three to seven times longer than a traditionally shingled roof that uses asphalt. If you choose a steel roof, there may also be an option to coat it with an alloy composed of aluminum and zinc, which can boost the roof’s lifespan up to 100 years. How’s that for a one time deal?
If you’ve been fretting about the cost of installing a new roof, you can put at least some of your worries to rest. You may get a better quality deal by using a metal roof–even an expensive metal like copper, zinc, or stainless steel. A cheap slate or tile roof still costs about 30% more than even copper, zinc, or stainless steel. Even better, a metal roof can help you save on your energy bill! It can reduce about 25% or more from your yearly home energy bill.
Lastly, a metal roof offers good protection from environmental damage, with a 140 mph wind rating. Speaking of the environment, a new metal roof can be made up of 30-60% of recycled metal and when their life as a roof is over, they’re 100% recyclable, which means you’re not contributing to more waste!
Talk to a metal roofing contractor next time you’re thinking about installing a new roof! The environmental, wallet-friendly, and guarantee of longevity make these a great and modern option to take under consideration for your home.

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