Common Winter HVAC Problems Common Causes and How to Fix Them

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There are several ways your HVAC system might malfunction this year. Even the most reliable heating and air conditioning systems can be strained in the long winter months, so it’s not uncommon for them to need HVAC repair.

So what problems should you be on the lookout for, and what do they mean for your HVAC systems?

    Furnace Suddenly Shuts Off

    If your furnace stops abruptly and your HVAC system isn’t pumping out cold air, there are several possible reasons. It’s possible that your power has gone out or surged, but that’s usually pretty easy to detect, because your other systems will have crashed too. Check your fuse box to make sure your furnace still has power. If it’s not a fuse, you should probably call a professional and see if your pilot light or ignition system is out.

    Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

    Furnaces are designed to cycle heat, turning on and off to keep your home at a set temperature. However, if your furnace seems to be switching on and off all the time, it’s possible your filter or blower are clogged, restricting the flow of air. It could also mean that your thermostat is faulty and your system is working on inaccurate temperature readings.

    Room Temperatures are Inconsistent

    If you have a lot of cold spots, or some rooms are much chillier than others, you may have a draft. Windows with leaks, poorly-sealed doors and damaged insulation can all cause drafts. Try to isolate where the drafts are coming from, or consider an audit from thermography or utility services. It’s also possible your air flow is unbalanced and you can fix the problem by adjusting the vents or cleaning dirty filters and coils.

    Carbon Monoxide Leaks

    Carbon monoxide leaks can be caused by cracked or rusted heat exchangers often found in gas furnaces 10-50 years of age. These cracks can usually only be detected by a professional. Since carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly, make sure you have your HVAC contractor check for them, and install a carbon monoxide detector.

Getting a thorough inspection before winter starts is a great way to avoid these common problems. Find out more here.

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