4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing

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When it comes time to choose a brand new roof ? or perhaps replace an old one ? you?ll likely find yourself inundated with many different option. Many people fail to do their research, and simply choose the most obvious option: a shingle roof. It?s understandable why they make this decision ? they word about metal roofing simply hasn?t been properly spread. Metal shingles are not only an alternative to typical asphalt shingles; they?re a better option. Before you make a quick decision about your roof ? potentially spending much more than you should in the long run ? here are a few things you should know about the metal roof.

1. Metal Roofs Are Better Investments

It?s no wonder that many dread repairing a roof; and they dread replacing it even more. Replacing or repairing a roof often costs thousands of dollars! This is exactly why, original price aside, metal roofing is a more cost-effective option than asphalt shingles. Materials like asphalt require reproofing every 10 to 20 years to prevent further damage, while metal roofing, in comparison, lasts a lifetime. Additionally, a cool metal roof can save 25% in energy costs against an asphalt shingle roof. This massive mount is often overlooked because the initial price of metal roofing can be higher than that of asphalt roofing ? but it should not be ignored.

2. Metal Roofing Is ?Green?

More and more people are growing concerned about the environment, and with good reason. Metal roofing is one of the more environmentally-friendly roofing options on the market, especially when compared to traditional shingles. While asphalt shingles contribute an estimate 20 billon pounds in waste to American landfills, metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs, which eliminates the environmental impact and cost of tear-off and disposal. Metal roofs also are usually made with about 25% recycled content.

3. A Metal Roof Can Lower Your Insurance

Yes, it?s true. Not only does a metal roof act as a more environmentally friendly option, it can save you even more money in some states. Due in part to their durability and eco-friendliness, metal roofing is favored by homeowner?s insurance by some states, including Texas. How much? Using a metal roof can lower your homeowner?s insurance by up to 35%!

4. Metal Roofing Lasts Longer

Returning to the subject of long-lasting metal roofs ? there?s a reason why a metal roofing company will often offer a 30 to 50 year warranty along with the product. When giving a roof coating, metal roofs can last 25 years longer than originally expected ? although again, many end up lasting a lifetime anyway! You don?t have to worry about repairing a roof when you choose metal shingles; whether you?re dealing with snow, roof hail damage, or any other type of severe weather, a metal roof will withstand the worst.

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