5 Signs to Consider Gutter Replacement

Gutter maintenance

Rain gutters have been used to help protect structures from rain damage since the early 20th century. Nearly every home has a type of gutter system in place. It’s understandable to wonder when gutters need to be replaced. In many cases, gutters are able to last for decades. However, there are many situations that can cause a gutter system to become damaged. Having damaged gutters surrounding your home can be very risky. Here are five signs that you might need to have your gutters replaced.

  • Visible Damage

    It can be dangerous to climb a ladder to thoroughly check all gutter issues. However, you can safely walk around the exterior of your home from the ground. You’ll want to check to see if your gutters have any visual imperfections. The main things to look for when inspecting gutter systems are large cracks or holes. If there is too much damage to your current system, you may need a gutter replacement.
  • Guttering Appears Warped

    It is recommended to have your guttering cleaned at least two times per year. One reason to have your a gutter system cleaned is to remove debris. If a gutter system continues to fill with material, it can become weighted down. A gutter system will start to warp in the event they are holding too much weight. Warped gutters will not be able to efficiently send rain water where it needs to go.
  • Paint Chipping Away Near Gutter

    Water is known to damage the exterior paint of a home over time. In some cases, a warped guttering system can cause more water to leak onto certain painted areas of your home. This sustained water damage is harmful to your home’s exterior. In addition, paint chipping away near a gutter system likely means structural gutter damage has occurred.
  • Water Overflowing Out of Gutters

    Home gutters that work properly should send water away from the roof and to the ground. How water flows through a gutter system is especially important. If water is overflowing over the tops of gutters, it likely means a backup is occurring. Having a home gutter installation done will help eliminate overflowing gutters. A gutter system can overflow due to being clogged or from an efficient path in the current guttering system.
  • Flooding Begins to Occur Within the Home

    One gallon of rain is estimated to weigh about eight pounds. If the gutters are clogged or damaged, this water isn’t able to adequately drain away from the home. Your roof could be trying to support thousands of pounds of water while a storm is occurring. One of the most devastating signs of damaged gutters is that water begins seeping into your home. A flood within your home can irreversibly damage many important items.

In summary, there are several reasons to consider gutter replacement. It’s wise to walk around the perimeter of your home to check for visible gutter damage. You’ll want to pay special attention to any areas that have large cracks or holes. Warped gutters can reduce how well the entire guttering system works. Gutters in optimal condition should carry water away from your home. If water remains in a gutter or flows over the sides, your system isn’t working properly. Damaged gutters can easily cause water to get inside of your home, creating massive damage. It’s wise to contact a gutter replacement company to have them inspect your property.

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