Water Damage What You Don’t Know


Water damage can be one of the most devastating types of damage to a home, no matter how new or old it is. This is due to several different reasons. For one thing, water damage can happen without someone even realizing it — sometimes, it’s “invisible” until it’s too late. Homes have been condemned due to water damage, and many homeowners don’t even know how to approach water damage on their own. The fact is that you shouldn’t have to worry about fixing water damage on your own. In most cases, it can’t be handled by homeowners on their own. The fact is that only professional contractors working with construction companies can tackle the effects of water damage head on. There is much that needs to be done to fix water damage. It’s not impossible to do so; it just involves a lot of hard work and money. However, perhaps the better idea is to prevent water damage entirely. Finding a contractor that can help you prevent water damage may seem like a tall order at first, but it’s not impossible. With the right contractors on your side, you can do a lot to safeguard your home — especially a new construction — from many different kinds of water damage.

How Serious Is The Issue Of Water Damage?

You may not think that water damage will happen to you because of where you live. But as many contractors will tell you, houses can suffer water damage in virtually any location. The industry estimates that 14,000 Americans experience a water damage emergency at home or at work each day. Yes, even at work water damage can happen. Water damage isn’t just a potential “natural disaster” — it can result from leaky pipes or an overflowing tub, too. No matter how it happens, it’s believed that 98% of American basements will suffer water damage during their lifetime. Basements are underground, and thus most vulnerable to water damage and leaks. The water can seep in from multiple directions, causing a structural weakness in the home that is difficult to mend. Even when water damage isn’t physically dangerous to those living in a home, it’s certainly dangerous to their wallet! With the average home water damage insurance claim being $6,965, water damage and mold cost the insurance industry an estimated $2.5 billion each year. It’s extremely important that you avoid these costs if possible, and the health risks associated with water damage.

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Water Damage?

Chances are that your home will never be so flooded that there’s any risk of drowning — that level of flooding is rare. Mold and bacteria are other issues entirely, and can cause serious health problems. Mold can easily happen, and the fact is that much of the time we don’t recognize it until it’s too late. Typically, mold grows within 24 to 48 hours in an untreated, moist environment. The health consequences of breathing in mold aren’t always immediate. They can be long-term, causing a person’s health to failure for — potentially — years before diagnosis. As such, water damage needs to be tended to as quickly as possible.

How Much Of A Risk Is Flooding To My Home?

As all contractors will tell you, flooding is a risk to every home. Flooding can strike when you least expect it, and flash flood are particularly dangerous. They can brings walls of water that are 10 to 20 feet high. Aside from wildfires, they are the most common type of natural disaster. It’s estimated that 90% of the natural disasters declared by the president include flooding. Of course, water damage doesn’t have to involve a high level of flooding. According to Floodsmart, a 2,000 square foot home undergoing a mere 12 inches of water damage could need repairs that cost up to $50,000.

If you take anything from this, remember — the risks of water damage are real. But with the help of good contractors, they’re also preventable.

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