4 Things to Consider Before Installing a Home Air Conditioner

Broken air conditioner

It’s officially the summer time. And with the longer days and months comes heat. Some of us relish these higher temperatures, while others dream of colder months.

Thankfully, there are options for cooling down. Besides heading to the local pool or posting up in front of a fan, air conditioning offers an efficient way to cool down rooms or entire buildings. Modern heating and air conditioning has been around for decades and provides us a way to adjust the temperature of our homes with the click of a button.

But short of having central air conditioning installed, the next best option is purchasing and installing a home air conditioner. According to NBC Montana Picking the right air-conditioning unit for your home, there are four key factors to consider before attempting to install a home air conditioner.

  1. Determine the size of the room you want to cool

  2. An undersized unit will not properly cool the room. Conversely, an over-sized unit won’t remove enough humidity from the room. That’s why it’s important to first determine the square footage of the room(s) you’re aiming to cool.

  3. Understand and identify the home air conditioner’s BTU

  4. The amount of heat a home air conditioner can remove from a room is considered its “BTU rating.” Once you’ve determined how large of a room you’d like to cool, then consult each option’s BTU rating. This will tell you how effectively and efficiently the home air conditioner you’ve chosen will cool down the room.

  5. Decide on a location within the room

  6. Home air conditioners can vary in their structure. For free standing units, it’s important to position them in a central location within the room in order to best disseminate the cooling effect. For window units, it’s important to place the unit in a shaded window. This allows the machine to operate more efficiently. The window should also have the proper power outage.

  7. Installation assitance/li>
    Home air conditioners can be very heavy and cumbersome to lift. That’s why it’s vital for you to have help with the installation. Not doing so may lead to you dropping the unit, resulting in a broken air conditioner, or worse injury to yourself.

Be sure to consider the previous four factors before purchasing and installing your own home air conditioner. Air conditioning service or central air repair can be expensive, so it’s important for your safety and wallet to firstly install the machine properly.

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