4 Reasons To Hire A Roof Contractor To Look At Your New Home

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Even the real estate agent didn’t mince words. You bought a pre-war fixer-upper plain and simple because of the colonial awnings and its small town charm. While we fully support vintage housing, we also think you need to call commercial roofing contractors ASAP as part of your refurbishing initiative. Most people see their home exteriors as one separate entity, but roof repair is a specialized job that almost every fixer-upper owner should consider. Below are a few things commercial roofing contractors might be able to help you with, from the obvious to the not so obvious:

1. Roof Stuff (Duh)
Well, we did say obvious. But a lot of roof repair tips are not so obvious, and are things good commercial roofing contractors pick up after years of experience. For instance, a commercial roofing company will be able to educate you about which roofing materials best meet your priorities. If you want to go green for example, it might make sense to pick metal, as metal materials are more commonly recycled.

2. Return On Investment Concerns
If selling your house is a priority down the road, then you’re probably thinking about what kinds of returns you’ll see on the money you put into it now. A good contractor can educate you about cost vs. value, and help you decide what kinds of repairs make sense to prioritize and how to do them in the most efficient way. Steel doors, for instance, offer a huge ROI of 98%, whereas window replacement yields a respectable but lower 78% on average.

3. Gotta Think Of The Gutters
Unfortunately, a lot of exterior housing stuff is interdependent. If your roof is bad for example, then chances are your drainage is bad, meaning you’re going to have finnicky gutters and a lot of leak repairs in your future unless you assess their strength now. A contractor can advise you on the strength and engineering of your gutters, and make any preventative alterations.

4. Siding, Windows, Sheet Metal
Once you’re finished refurbishing the top, you’re going to want to take stock of the sides. Vinyl siding repair also falls under the purview of a lot of roofing contractors. They can also help you identify any weaknesses in your windows, both to the elements and to potential home invaders.

Just Remember…
When you go looking for contractors, make sure they’ve been in business for a long time. In this kind of business, absolutely nothing is a stand-in for experience. Also check them out on Angie’s List and other consumer report websites to see what other homeowners had to say.

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